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A New Forest Blog – about local businesses and events, New Forest-related gossip, walks, bike rides and days out in and around the New Forest National Park. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.
Red Shoot

Camping in the New Forest Turned Out Fine

Having camped very little since my childhood, I was a little hesitant when my wife encouraged (and by encouraged, I mean advised) me to buy a tent. I’m sure I must have visited a campsite as a boy, but I...
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Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch Relay, Lymington

Anyone who’s witnessed the remarkable Olympic Torch Relay this year must have experienced more than a few moments of bemusement during the strange procession, as I did yesterday. The build-up of the crowd was impressive, to say the least. Not having...
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Round the Island Race

Round the Island Race 2012

“We’re pulling out. I’ll call you later”. *click*. Thus ended my fourth Round the Island Race before it had even begun. After last year’s lively adventure the crew of my friend’s boat had become a little cautious about repeating the...
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Milford Beach in June

High winds in June on Milford Beach

On a day that we were supposed to be on the water, sailing over to Cowes, we found ourselves instead wandering along Milford on Sea beach, gazing in disbelief at the ruin that our English summer has once again become....
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Britain's Rudest Shop

Farewell to Britain’s Rudest Shop

So the self-proclaimed rudest shop in Britain is finally to close: After 170 years, only a few weeks left to be insulted, don’t miss the experience! Whilst I won’t argue with their bold statement, what happens to this shop next...
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