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Lymington Playground, Barfields

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Please note – this playground has been re-vamped since this review and is much improved.

Seesaw, Spring Rides and Bins

Seesaw, Spring Rides and Bins

1 StarGrim, grim, grim. The playground found next to the churchyard in Lymington is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle. I can’t think of a single reason why it’s as shockingly bad and mistreated as it is, but there you are. The view from the playground across to the St Thomas’ Church is very nice. The Barfields council car park behind (pay & display) lets the scenery down, but the fact that Bath Road playground is so good and this one in the centre of the town is so bad, is just plain irritating. To be fair, the main reason that this playground gets overlooked is that it’s a haunt for gangs of youths which puts younger kids and parents off, as is evidenced by the graffiti next to the roundabout and the current state of the swings (see the image below).

The Lineup

The Lineup

Marks Awarded

1-10=★   11-20=★★   21-30=★★★

  • Parking: 2/5
  • Scenery/Surroundings: 3/5
  • Variety of Apparatus 2/5
  • Condition of Apparatus:  1/5
  • Cleanliness: 1/5
  • Kids’ Verdict: 1/5
  • Total: 10 out of 30 = ★
Roundabout and Graffiti

Roundabout and Graffiti

Apparatus at publication

  • Swings (if you can get them down)
  • Toddler Swings
  • Roundabout
  • Spring Rides
  • Seesaw
  • Slide
Tortured Swings

Tortured Swings

St Thomas' Church, Lymington

St Thomas’ Church, Lymington

Center map

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